Unknown waters

I offer this message from my heart to yours with love.

“On this day there is a particular energy/vibration that is easy to access if you bring your minds and hearts to it. It will be present for you, a gift to receive so that your systems may calm, your disposition brighten and your feelings assured. You may very well be drifting now, a little unmoored. We have created a flow, a current that is bringing you along at your pace, sweeping you forward. As you feel this unmooring, your systems try to navigate, take control in order to chart your course but there is no place to go that you are aware of. These are unknown waters and the course is on autopilot. All you need do is let go and trust that where you are going is to a place, a shore, that is in benefit to the collective. You can enjoy the ride and watch the view. As it passes by, understand that it is all temporary and try not to get attached to what you see and hear. Allow your surroundings to adapt, shift, change or stay the same. No matter where you are and what you see, I am there. Trust that each moment is working with, in conjunction to, the whole now. You get to see your view and sometimes beyond but the whole perspective/picture is not yet complete. Try not to make assumptions and live your life as if each moment is precious.” in partnership with God

*photo by Sergi Marlo

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