I offer this message from my heart to yours with love.

“We flow through and by. We are constantly bringing wisdom and healing necessary to Earth, the world and to humanity. As an element we connect to Source as the means to which we serve. Source relays knowledge/wisdom required and we transfer it through rainfall, our waterways and drinking. When you have contact with water, we then have the opportunity to heal and nourish. That is why a bath, a swim in a lake or a glass of water can alter the way you feel. We are conduits and when you connect with us, you can improve/enhance your connection to Gaia and Source. Take extra care, be more aware and take the time necessary to bring the energy of water to you. You will benefit. As the world heals, water will be a focal point. What was once arid will become fertile. Drinking water, pure water will be offered to all. There will be a natural balance and that will bring an end to fires and floods. Let yourself drink us in, whether from a shower, a lake or a glass of water and receive our blessings. It is our gift, Source’s gift to all.” in partnership with Water

*photo by Abigail Keenan

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