We can heal

I offer this message from my heart to yours with love.

“ So you would like to know the truth of what is going on. What is the truth? There are so many beautiful kernels of wisdom weaving the storyline at the moment. Each one thread holding a relevant aspect of the story. Not one any greater, all necessary to reach the conclusion that has already been written. The twists and turns are necessary. Each plot reveals more information that brings in more alternative solutions. Each solution adding to the dynamics and movement forward that will eventually lead to resolution. But only you, the ones living this experience, get to choose how you wish it to play out. What do you want to learn? As the adventure unfolds, more and more people will step forward to direct and they will offer many different alternative interpretations. You all get to pick the one that appeals to you. There are many different choices/timelines, you create them at each juncture and soon enough the time will come when you will move on from this experience into a new one. All resolutions are available, pick one.” in partnership with God

My choice …I see a world capable of healing itself and allowing the God within, to lead us forward.

*photo by Markus Winkler

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