Exploring the new terrain

I offer this message from my heart to yours with love.

“Dear One, you come today in sisterhood and brotherhood, in the times we live in, where the advancement of humanity and the reckoning of the past joins and becomes the road forward. As structures & infrastructure shake free, fall away and leave this world, the new is laid, paved with the intention of Unity, kindness, love & abundance. You are witnessing this world action and although there is still much to be seen, released, forgiven, and healed, much has already done so. Acknowledge all the many roads that have been paved with the new so that you can follow these  intersections, bridges and many routes around your country and the world. You can navigate this next year in the unknown, travelling, exploring this new terrain and you can build whatever you would like to see, to experience, to gift. This is your year to create the life of enjoyment-why you came-to celebrate all the beautiful seeds that are being planted and then to reap the harvest in each moment. This year will lead you all forward, you are the lights lighting the way because you have learned to trust that what you see before you is of God and that gift of divine sight will allow many to take comfort and have faith that we together, can build the life where all are in consort with the Holy of Holies, our mother/father, the heart of One. Bring to you all that you need, rest in trust that all will be given, know that every opportunity is advancement/expansion and celebrate the time of beginnings, of revelations, of love and of light. We are here, we are free, we have come.” in partnership with Yeshua

*photo by Dan Meyers

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