Singing together

“Today’s message is about a beautiful symphony, a harmony. You are each a part of this precious music that is always playing, harmonizing, building and falling but ever present as the song of God. You each carry within you the tone that is unique to your being and this tone adds breath and depth to the harmonic overtures in every dimension and in all time. This is what expands the Universe and allows each note to find its resonance, its home in the moment of existence. As the notes that you are rise and fall, new experiences and opportunities are brought to you through your resonance. And when you are in harmony, with the God song, Grace flows to you and mirrors this music of Divine majesty. Harmony supports the coming together of all people, the notes are played, ringing out peace and love. Joy of the Oneness is felt and experienced. Harmony allows you to be free to sing out your expression and to dance any dance you like. It celebrates all tones, supports all keys, recognizes all melodies and blends them all together. The result, a beautiful symphony of the Divine.” 

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