We are more powerful together than apart

I offer this message from my heart to yours with love.

“We stand in front of you, united in peace, joy, wisdom, knowledge and love. We group together, for as a whole we are more powerful than as individuals. Our message today is of the same vein as our united expression. “Come together”. For as you do, you will understand, two is better than one and many are better than a few. Instead of focusing on your differences, what annoys you and your conflicting belief systems, focus on your similarities, your mutual priorities and the shared dreams you hold for the future of your kind. Allow these to bring you together, for as you do, you become more powerful than the forces that are pulling you apart. Take a stand today, reach out and support each other. Allow your different expressions to be in harmony and see how your world transforms. You are all more powerful together than you are apart.” in partnership with the Dragon Collective

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