A dose of healing

I offer this message from my heart to yours with love.

“We have come today to share our blue light and to help open you to the aspect of the Divine that is inherent within each of you. We know that although you choose feelings/experiences of separation it is not the truth of who you are. When you release this illusion and move back into your inherent wholeness, you will look towards new ways to heal and be in your lives on Earth. We are here and always available to offer up a dose of healing, loving light to rest within your systems. As you bring/accept them in, they will allow you to move into a greater coherence with your own divine heart wisdom and will help heal the many wounds that are waiting to be nourished and loved back into wellness. You have within you the ability to heal and what we are offering you is a gentle nudge that encourages movement in that direction. Knowing that you have everything you need is a powerful place to be in. When you fully realize this, true healing, everlasting healing can occur. If you choose to accept our gift you may just receive by visualizing our blue light radiating through you. So sit, breathe, open yourself and know that there is assistance available if you choose it. We are your partners and we are here to offer you our love and healing support.” in partnership with the Pleiadians 

*photo by okeycat 

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