The heart is your home

I offer this message from my heart to yours with love.

“Today’s message allows us to come together in a joyful, loving way and share our hearts as One. The heart is your home. It is a place inside your vessel that holds a part of you that shines eternally. This place is always available to light you up. To bring you into a blissful state where Divine connection can be felt and experienced. You can become proficient, an expert at bringing yourself into this state of being through diligence and practice. Spending time with your heart, allowing the messages of wisdom to be heard and honouring your feelings will always renew you. You can depend on this safe haven making your heart a welcoming place by opening it up like petals of a flower blooming. Imagine a young bud tightly closed and as it matures, each petal loosens, opens, until it is in full blossom. Your heart is similar and as you open up to the beauty within you, all the love, wisdom and grace flows forth and fills you up. You are home, safe, comfortable, content and peaceful. And in the comfort of your home, your life unfolds before you to entertain and teach for your enjoyment. “ in partnership with Yeshua

HeartMath breathing technique: Drop your attention to your heart or chest area. Breathe a little slower and deeper (4 to 5 sec) through your heart like a column of air. Do this for a few minutes with eyes opened or closed. If you attention moves back up to your mind, gently bring it back down to your heart. 

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