A gift of healing energy

I offer this message from my heart to yours with love.

“Today there is a special energy that will be available for all that are open to receive it. It is yours to accept if chosen and it will help support your movement forward. It is a gentle, healing energy. You can visualize it as swirling around you- soft green, yellow, white and purple. Allow it to bathe and wash away the old, useless residue of past experience so that you may be refreshed and renewed. Allow this gift to settle in your field so that it can continue its healing  for days or until you are fully released of the old and unnecessary. Be aware of what comes up into your consciousness and allow it to leave. Try not to hold on. Imagine a car wash, the energies are the soap and water and you are the car. Afterwards, you will gleam and shine.”   in partnership with Archangel Michael 

*photo by Zulfahmi Khani

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