Celebrating each and every one of you

I offer this message from my heart to yours with love.

“Dear One, we have gathered today to celebrate your solstice. In this celebration, we honour/see each and every one of you. As we bear witness to your heart, your soul- we sing to you in gratitude for all that you are bringing into your world and beyond. We know that it has not been an easy road and we are grateful for all the travellers that are carving out the paths/roads into the new. You are paving the way for all those to travel afterwards. Their journeys will have been made easier due to your toil and we sit in appreciation for the work you have done. As you move into the new/unknown, you will navigate an easier terrain, not as many obstacles to climb over. You will feel lighter and soon you will be flying. So, let your fears and your struggles go. Move into allowance for the next chapter/journey. It will be filled with more fun, joy, laughter and adventure as you recognize your home and settle in as one big, happy family.” in love and partnership with Mother Mary

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