Allow, align, accept

I offer this message from my heart to yours with love.

“Dearest One, we come today to support you in your knowing of the truth in/of ALL things. You are aspects of Source energy and when you truly realize this, you will naturally move into the flow of essence that supports your growth and evolution. Now we do not mean that you magically become your True Self through this acknowledgement, we mean that the resistance that is keeping the flow from becoming you, being held at bay, away, will be removed. If you allow yourself to feel into the idea of moving home, becoming whole and one with the Creator, the Source of all things, then you may open the portal within your being to receive all that is yours, your inheritance as a divine being. Your essence is always available, it surrounds and is waiting for you to agree, align and  accept. Allow yourself to begin this process by asking for assistance from your guides, angels, your True Self, ascended masters or any other higher beings you resonate with. This opening creates the possibility and your resistance disappears. Everything else, naturally engages for your highest good. Allow us and others to encourage and support your transformation. We are all in this together.” in partnership with the Pleiadians

*photo by Shlomo Shalev

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