Floating in loving ponds of clear light

I offer this message from my heart to yours with love.

“In today’s atmosphere there is a lot of fear, resentment and uncertainty floating around. It is swirling into streams of energetic ponds and these will soon dry up from all the light being filtered down into them. You may be feeling uncomfortable but we remind you that wading into these ponds, pools of energy do not serve you well. While sticking a toe in might serve to remind you where you don’t want to swim, splashing around in them only makes you swim in darken waters. So choose with discernment. Understand that when you immerse yourself in these energies, the consequences are then felt and reverberate not only in your lives but in the collective experience. Look for clearer water to enjoy your time. Find calm ponds to float in and allow these healing, loving energies to uplift and surround you. This is a choice of experience and it can make your time there on Earth either a holiday or a lot of work. Enjoy yourselves by supporting the beautiful energies being gifted to you at this time and float in these loving streams of clear light.” in partnership with Archangel Michael

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