I am…
free of thoughts that make me small, 
free of stories that don’t matter at all, 
free of feelings that bring me down, 
free of words that cause a frown, 
free of choices that dim my light, 
free of moments filled with fright, 
free of resistance that stop the flow, 
free of doubts that want to grow.

I am…
free to soar within my mind, 
free to dream for all humankind, 
free to listen to my heart, 
free to trust God from the start, 
free to feel the love we share, 
free to envision a world that cares, 
free to act with power and grace, 
free to live in a peaceful place. 

And in my freedom and sovereignty,
                           I AM
                           to be
                           I can 

*photo by Jay Antol

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