Full Moon blessings

I offer this message from my heart to yours with love.

“Today is a full day. One that, as you experience it, rises up with the many blessings it has in store for you. Each of you have packets of energy that awaits the time you are ready to receive them. They are specific to you, your systems, your growth and evolution and when they do download, they give you a nice boost forward and upwards. Today, is one of these days where if you are ready and open, you will be given exactly what you need. Today, children of God, receive what is rightfully yours, individually and collectively. You can allow these perfect blessings of energy to stream to you and through you by taking a moment and opening yourself up to receiving them. They will be available not just today but in the weeks ahead and always. But you might as well receive them sooner than later as they will empower you and create opportunities that are ripe/ready to be experienced in the next chapter of your ongoing saga. Let yourselves trust in your process and journey, knowing that your growth does support the whole. Through your expansion, you move from witness/observer to empowered player, acting in the interests for the higher good. You are ready for your next steps and you are always supported on your journey. Guidance is available when asked for and thinking through your circumstances will not be as productive as intuiting in the moment where your attention wants/needs to go. One moment at a time, your adventure unfolds.” in partnership with Athena

*photo by John Peters

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