Heart and Mind

Memories stinging,
thoughts that attack,
stories remembered
that bring you back,
to see once was
with shaded eyes,
deceptive words
may tell you lies.

Mind’s narration,
a tale of old,
you are the victim 
as the story unfolds.
Lines are blurred,
reality unclear,
piecing a tale
you wish to hear.
The loop plays out,
feelings collide,
temper flares 
and then subsides.

For your thoughts 
to rearrange,
the storyteller 
needs to change.
Your heart allows 
a higher view,
a gentler way
to see anew.

Feeling good 
is not the goal,
growth and expansion,
being part of the whole.
Perspective shifts
in present time
helps your mind 
to pause and rewind.
As your heart
becomes engaged,
it quiets the voice 
that is enraged.

Stuck in a story 
that’s not yours to tell, 
a plot running through it
you don’t know as well.
Heart and mind,
together will find
the wisdom and truth 
that is there to mine.
A nugget of gold
to be cherished 
and told.

Before your birth
you had agreed
to be an actor 
for your soul family.
Hero or villain,
jester or sage,
you show up
upon their page.
Every story 
must come 
to an end
just to allow
a beginning again.

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