How are you living your story?

I offer this message from my heart to yours with love.

“As we listen to the rhetoric that is rolling from your tongues, we ask you, do you believe we pay close attention to the many plot twists and turns that play out in your daily lives? The answer is, we do not. We know that you will each choose the experience you want. You have free will. This is a great gift and we know that there is nothing that you can ever do to create a rift between you and God. So, we do not focus our attention on your day to day trials and tribulations that are your greatest teachers. We are paying attention to your vibration, your light quotient and how you are feeling. This is where our focus/attention is and this is where, we suggest, your focus and attention can be. Instead of trying to find out details, storylines, plots and the ending, you can pay closer heed to how you are “living” your story. How do you want your day/moment to “feel” like and to “be” like? This is how you create the full experience you are in. When you focus on how you would like to feel, bringing yourself into that feeling, you match its vibration and then lift to a higher octave where you shine brighter. Your radiance expands to touch all of your family, allowing them to bask in your glow. Then as the story plays out you can witness it with a kinder heart and then all moves towards an ending where everyone is looked after for their highest well-being. You move into living the story in joyful anticipation, not so that you can be right but so that you can learn from and become the infinite, expanded divine beings that you all are.” in partnership with Yeshua

*photo by Knuth Waltenberg

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