Thank you God

Feeling appreciation moves us into deep gratitude. 

I appreciate…

Gaia, my well-being, loved ones, harmony, a walk in the woods, a delicious meal, heart to heart connections, a summer’s breeze, dancing, laughing, a bear hug, my home, trees, clean water, my authentic expression, your authentic expression, french fries, a hot shower, a deep inhale, our animal friends, fluffy clouds, kindness, Spring, my morning coffee, basking in the warm sun, my body, crystals, writing, letting go, an open heart, knowing our Oneness, my bed, indoor plumbing, a rainbow, honouring my feelings, flowers, Summer, finding the perfect gift, a good book, listening to the rain, mountains, art, my reflection, Winter, the first snowfall, communing with spirit, a northern lake, new experiences, listening, every aspect of myself, friendship, a beautiful view, brilliant stars, birds chirping, lightening, silence, joyfully receiving, generously giving, music, being in flow, surprising myself, trusting, moonlight, a smile, travelling, different landscapes, being present, wisdom shared, having fun, stillness, fireplaces, Fall, being comfortable, creating beauty, learning, abundance, treasure hunting, a helping hand, plants thriving, having faith, feeling loved and appreciated, loving and appreciating, finding the blessing within each opportunity, the sky, feeling warm and cozy, becoming whole, this lifetime, remembering who we truly are and so much more.. I appreciate ALL things as of God. Thank you God! Thank you God! Thank you God!

What do you appreciate?

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