”I get to”

I received this message on a day that I was struggling. I hope that if you are dealing with a lot on your “to do” list this might brighten your perspective. I offer this message from my heart to yours with love.

“You are sitting there thinking about the old and all its challenges. You are seeing all the problems you are seemingly facing. All the miserable chores that you think you will have to perform. And with this thought process, a heavy, laborious energy pervades your now moment. This energy determines your experience and you determine the energy. So, as of NOW, put down this heavy, dense, fearful, hesitant energy and instil/ infuse a lighter, enjoyable, fun and ease full energy. Understand that your attitude/perspective changes your circumstances. Instead of “I have to”, you can say “I get to”. This changes everything because with this agreement the universe “gets to work with you.” You are allowing instead of controlling. So, the next time you move into this kind of murky energy, clear it, reset it, light it up and allow yourself to enjoy whatever it is “you get to do!” in partnership with God

*photo by Chloe Skinner

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