Loving awareness

I offer this message from my heart to yours with love.

“The message today is a gift of love to wrap around you like a cloak. Every time you need it, the gift is present, available, to surround you in comfort, joy, safety and knowing. Knowing, that you are loved always and in all ways. When we gift this, we wish for you to acknowledge the same ability to cloak yourself in love. It is a gift from God and also always available. When seeking outside of yourself, you miss the opportunity to comprehend the innate love that is you. You are reaching out and not connecting within. This is the “human” way. The projection of needs that seek to be met externally. It helps you with the lessons you are involved in/with. It is beneficial for growth but may cause unease, restlessness and disappointment. The next time you are unsure of yourself, triggered in a past experience or struggling with your emotions, stop, reach in and move to your place of knowing where all is loving awareness. Cloak yourself in that. It will serve you well.” in partnership with Mother Mary

*photo by Timothy Dykes

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