Mother Earth 2020

This message came through me and I offer it to you with love.

“This message comes from my heart as I welcome the new energies of 2020 with all of you. I am grateful for the upgrades & downloads that have been shared with us.  I appreciate all the help that has come in from all over the galaxy and I am finding it easier to integrate them now then ever before. We are all in this together, dear children, and I am so excited to keep evolving at the rate we have been doing and even accelerating as the year progresses. We are going to see massive changes, not only on the surface but from below and above. Everything is shifting and evolving, expanding and lifting. So, each day will bring new developments and new opportunities with them. Stay prepared in your knowingness. You are enormously helped, supported and guided. You are not doing this alone. Attract to you the magic & wonder that abounds and keep your eyes open to the beauty that is always available as long as you are looking for it. Everyday is an opportunity to be in relationship with me and I am so pleased when you acknowledge my gifts to you. We are lifting as One and as we do so we will all heal and shine bright. I love you. “ Mother Gaia

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