The transformative energy of love

After we drink from a glass, we like to wash it before using again. 

We want a nice clean glass to enjoy our next beverage. 

Our bodies (our vessel ) can be compared to a glass.

Each day, through our experiences, we fill up with energies, emotions and thoughts. Our vessel and our well-being benefits from a gentle cleaning. 

    LOVE  is the cleanser that clears the residue of past history.

When the beautiful, transformative energy of love, unconditional acceptance, washes through our vessel, all of our systems…physical, mental, emotional and spiritual…can become clear. 

We have a bright and shiny vessel to welcome in each new day.

In full appreciation of who and what you are, honour the beautiful aspects that make up your divine expression. Breathe in love through your heart and radiate it to every cell of your body. You are filling your vessel with golden light. 

*photo by aung nyi

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