Our generosity of spirit

I offer this message from my heart to yours with love.

“On this day we pray that all move back into the wholeness of being within your own domain and that of the world. Each of you gets to choose where and when these adjustments/changes of perspective occurs. You all determine the future. It is you that can either shun your family or finally embrace the members that have been cast out, estranged. The ones you would call the black sheep and yet they hold your blood within their veins and they are tied to you through experience and parentage. Once you have understood/decided that everyone is welcome around your table, the celebration can begin. Before, only a few were looked after & nourished and this way of being discounts the generosity of spirit that I have gifted you. The more generous you are the more blessed you become. Giving and receiving is a powerful tool. Understanding this & how the universe/energy works can move you away from scarcity and into the abundance waiting for you. It is all tied together. Generosity not only is defined through your monetary system but through your heart as well. When your heart is open and you generously give your love, kindness, care & compassion, you will see a difference in your relationships on every level- in your families, communities, countries, the world and in your galactic families/neighbours. Once you experience this, there is no turning back, no turning out. You begin to live as you truly are, a gift to yourself and others. You shine bright as you share, learn and grow together.”  in partnership with God

*photo by Gary Butterfield

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